Auction House UK Franchise Opportunity

Auction House is a market leading franchise business model operating throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Auction House delivers to its franchisees a turn-key property auction platform solution under a proven and trusted brand and there are currently a limited number of locations available.

Step 1

UK's No.1 Residential Auctioneer

It makes sense to join up with the country's No.1 operator, and benefit from the profile and system that has taken it to top spot.

'Surely everyone would prefer to be working with the best, most successful franchise in the business'

Step 2

Regional Members are Extremely Successful.

Most will tell you it is the best decision they have made. The Auction House formula helped them start, then grow, and now thrive as key players in their regional markets.

'Success breeds success. Joining Auction House generated additional instructions and income at a time when they were greatly needed. Without doubt, it was the best business decision we ever made.'

Step 3

Auctions can be a Highly Profitable Diversification.

Joining Auction House offers an excellent revenue stream, added profile to your business and a wider service mix in a challenging market.

'It has been a profitable diversification for us, and links in very well with our Residential, Lettings and New Homes operations.'

Step 4

Auction House is a Well Known, Respected and High Profile National Brand.

Our high professional standards have helped to build a reputation for service and success, which continues to attract new clients and customers.

'The beauty of the Auction House franchise is that its national reputation works so well alongside our local reputation - together they are a powerful asset.'

Step 5

You will Benefit from Lender and Asset Management Instructions

More and more instructions are being generated centrally but entered into regional catalogues. Because such lots sell for more money 'in region' and the Auction House network is the leading operator, these numbers continue to grow.

'Centrally generated lots are an important benefit, and the prices achieved through our regional auction rooms never ceases to impress.'

Step 6

You will Operate in a Defined Territory

We will agree sensible territory boundaries with sufficient housing stock for you to be successful and introduce you to neighboring operators. The Auction House network is collaborative and members support each other by sharing 'good practice'.

'One of the biggest benefits is the sharing of ideas and experiences with other members. We have a collective goal which is to become the best, and the constructive co-operation within the network has helped us enormously.'

Step 7

A Proven Formula and Professional Training Package

Auction House provides a virtual 'A to Z' on how to set up your auction business including training for auctioneers. The formula and training package is tried and tested, and has proved successful in many different parts of the country.

'The Auction House training programme enabled us to become an overnight success, it was a steep learning curve but helped us enormously.'

Step 8

Access to a London Auction Room is an Added Benefit

Some vendors of high value lots and those selling large investments may prefer to offer their property in London or to London buyers as well as those from your area. Our Central London auction room offers this facility and holds regular sales, and their results are amongst the best in the capital.

'Selling in region with support from London, or selling in London with support from the region - only Auction House offers these compelling alternatives.'

Step 9

Join Up Using our Flexible Stage Payment Plan

Auction House now offers new members a joining package that can be self financing during its first year - and profitable. For existing auctioneers we take into account past business levels in your license fee calculations.

'The Auction House flexible payment scheme helped us build our new business without major capital outlay - it made the decision to join that much easier to make.'

Step 10

Now is the Perfect Time to Become an Auction House Member

We still have a number of territory licenses available, many of these are in high population areas with excellent growth opportunities. The property market currently favours auctions and we see the future as being bright for many years to come.

'Become part of a great success story - auctioning property closer to home is the future and we want to be offering the service in every part of the country.'

What some of our client's say about us:

'I was more than happy with the service I received from Auction House. The process was efficient, professional, friendly and totally stress free from start to finish.'

- J Smith, Norwich, Norfolk

'I was delighted that you assisted with the sale of my property, above the reserve price and within 4 weeks of it going in to the auction system.'

- Kelvin Norris, Leeds

'I sold my property at an Auction House auction and all I can say is WONDERFUL service! Thanks so much again for making it so easy and stress-free for me.'

- Kate James, London

'A lovely user-friendly experience! I'm not very technical, yet found your website to be easy to use and a great source of information'

- Emma Broome, Manchester

More auctions. More auction rooms. More auctioneers.