What makes a property unmortgageable?

It is always sensible to check on the mortgageability of a property before bidding on it. But as a rule of thumb, the following situations will likely make a property unmortgageable.

• Properties without a kitchen or bathroom.
• Properties with any kind of structural defect, damp, dry or wet rot.
• Properties close to mining works, areas of landfill, areas of recent flooding or subsidence.
• Leasehold properties with a short lease, typically less than 70 years, or a defective lease.
• Where there are boundary disputes or where planning applications have not been applied for correctly.
• Derelict property or where part of the building is in severe disrepair and needs demolishing.
• Properties of non-standard construction. Standard construction has brick or stone walls with a roof made of slate or tile, so anything that differs from this will be classed as Non-Standard.
• Some properties with sitting tenants or regulated tenancies.
• All properties with a value below a threshold, sometimes stated as £40,000.