Suitable Property Types for Auction

Many types of property sell well at a traditional auction, often achieving higher sale prices than could be achieved by sale through estate agents. If you would like to know how much your property could realise at auction, contact Auction House today for your free valuation and for further advice about property auctions.

Residential property, whether owner occupied, tenanted or vacant, could also be suitable for Online Auction.

Residential for Improvement

Properties needing renovations, modernisation and updating make ideal auction lots. They are in high demand from private buyers keen to undertake a project, refurbishment specialists who wish to renovate and resell, and buy to let investors wishing to carry out the home improvements and retain the property in their portfolio.

Residential Tenanted Properties

Residential houses and flats with tenants in situ sell well at auction. If you're a buy to let landlord, the person most likely to want to buy your property will be another landlord, meaning auction is the ideal route to take to sell. We often have investor landlords bidding competitively, and this means you won’t need to serve notice to your tenants, and the rental income will continue until completion.

Residential Investments

Whether a single house or indeed a portfolio, we always have buyers looking to purchase new buy to let opportunities. Residential investment properties are always highly sought after, so we always have a steady supply of willing and able buyers waiting to purchase. These properties often have their sale price guided by not only the building itself, but also by the rent achievable.

Mixed Use Properties

Properties that combine residential and commercial opportunities do well at auction, as they appeal to owner-occupiers and investors alike. These can go to auction while tenants are still in residence or as vacant property, each with their own benefits to particular potential buyers.

Redevelopment Opportunities

Building with potential for conversion or change of use can sell well at auction. This includes properties such as empty commercial property, derelict and disused buildings, including farm outbuildings and barns. Where there is potential to substantially add value to the property, auction can be an effective way to sell.

Plots and Building Land

Land, whether it comes with or without planning permission, always does well at auction and will often surpass what could be achieved by other means. It gives builders, developers and those wishing to self-build their own home a fixed time scale to research the potential of the lot and consult with any specialists, meaning they can come to the auction and be ready to bid.

Commercial and Industrial Investments

As one of the UK's top commercial property auctioneers, we have a large number of investors who are constantly seeking new commercial investment properties. Whether you have a retail shop, office, industrial units, garages and more, we will be able to attract suitable bidders. We have sold commercial property while vacant and tenanted, as well as those with short leases and requiring renewal.

Unique Properties

Unusual, rare and prime location properties will do well being sold in a competitive bidding environment. We have sold properties such as windmills, piers and properties of historical value, and unexpectedly high prices have been achieved at auction.

Agricultural and Amenity Land

If you have any type of land that is surplus to requirements, we are most likely to be able to find a buyer at auction. This includes land such as meadows, paddocks, moorings, amenity land and other parcels of land.