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More and more sellers are now thinking about 'Selling by Auction'. It offers the benefits of speed and certainty that will appeal to those in a hurry or who have experienced difficulties in securing a sale by Private Treaty. Auctions are growing in popularity and TV programmes like 'Homes Under the Hammer' have raised public interest and understanding of the process and the opportunities that it offers.

There are two methods of selling property by auction, these are Non-Conditional and Conditional, the former is the 'Traditional' approach and the latter is commonly known today as the 'Modern Method of Auction'.

We have teamed up with Auction House to offer an auction sale service to our customers and promote the attraction of auction lots to our buyers. Auction House is the UK's No.1 property auctioneer with over 40 regional auction rooms, this year they will sell over 3,000 properties by auction across England, Scotland and Wales. If you are interested in either selling or buying at auction we would be delighted to assist. Please fill out the enquiry form to obtain further details or to arrange a free auction valuation without obligation.

Property Types for Traditional Auction Sale

There are many different types of property that sell well at Auction, and if you have one that falls into any of these categories you certainly should consider the Auction route.

Check through the list below and if you find a match then give Auction House a call.

Properties for Improvement

Properties in need of updating make ideal Auction Lots. They are in great demand from refurbishment specialists and private buyers, keen to undertake a project for their own occupation or for resale. They also appeal to buy-to-let investors who carry out the improvements then retain them as part of a property portfolio.

Tenanted Properties

Residential houses and flats with tenants in residence sell well at Auction. If the best buyer for your property is another landlord, and it usually will be, Auction is the right route. We should be able to get investor landlords bidding competitively. You won't need to serve notice on your tenants, and rental income continues to be received right up to completion.

Residential Investments

Houses in multiple occupation and blocks of flats are sold at Auction as valuable investments. Here it is the rent level that determines the sale price, just as much as the building itself. Sellers will benefit from the high marketing profile and competitive bidding arena offered by Auction House, plus the certainty of a sale when the hammer comes down.

Development Propositions

Derelict or disused farm buildings, empty commercial premises, buildings with potential for conversion or change of use, can all sell well at Auction. In some locations a change to residential can significantly add to the value of a property, in other situations there may be space for additional dwellings or to substantially enlarge the property. Auction is regularly chosen as the effective channel for such disposals.

Mixed Use Properties

Properties that have twin uses or a variety of potential future uses are ideal for sale by Auction. Retail shops with accommodation above appeal to investors as well as owner-occupiers. Further conversion work can often be undertaken and the property tailored to suit the purchaser's special requirements.

Commercial Investments

Retail shops, offices, industrial units, garage blocks and parking areas - an ever increasing number of commercial investments are being sold by Auction House. It doesn't matter whether they are vacant or tenanted, with lease renewal soon needed or with a long way to run. We have a large number of investor clients who will consider all types of commercial investment.

Unique Properties

There are always some rare entries, sought after property and prime locations that need to be sold in a competitive bidding environment. Unexpectedly high prices have been achieved by this route.

Amenity Land and Other Property

We have sold paddocks, meadows, fields, moorings, amenity land and also other unusual land parcels. If it's property or land that is surplus to requirements, the likelihood is we could find a buyer at Auction. If it has a value, and is worth marketing, it is worth considering a disposal by Auction.

Building Land

There is no better way of ensuring a seller achieves best price for a building plot or parcel of development land than to offer it for sale by Auction. Builders will be able to consult with architects, planners etc., and be ready to bid in the Auction room. The trade can be surprised by the high prices achieved for land sales in the Auction room, which is great news for the sellers.

Property Types for Online Auction Sale

Our Auction House Online property auction provides for a credible and compelling platform aimed at selling conventionally constructed mortgageable condition residential flats, houses and bungalows.

Residential properties that are vacant, tenanted or owner occupied are suitable for online auction.

Resdidential Properties for Improvement

Proving a property is in mortgageable condition and requires aesthetic updating it will make an ideal online auction lot. Residential properties for improvement appeal to first time buyers, chain free buyers and buy-to-let investors.

Residential Tenanted Properties

Residential houses and flats with tenants in residence sell well at Auction. If the best buyer for your property is another landlord, and it usually will be, Auction is the right route. We should be able to get investor landlords bidding competitively. You won't need to serve notice on your tenants, and rental income continues to be received right up to completion.

Why Choose Auction House?

There are so many reasons why Auction House has become the popular choice for selling and buying. Here are just a few that will show you why it makes so much sense, and why our sale numbers are growing so much faster than other auctioneers and the industry norm.

Step 1

Strong regional and national presence.

Auction House sells local property to local, regional and national buyers through over 40 regional auction rooms spread across England, Scotland and Wales, including one in Central London.

'Local property should always be sold in region by experts who understand auctions and know the area. They will always do a better job and get a higher price. I think that is why Auction House is so successful.'

Step 2

Market Leaders in many areas.

Now selling over 2,750 auction lots per year Auction House is the clear market leader nationally. We operate successful regional auction rooms in all parts of the country, many of which are market leaders in their own area.

'National data shows that Auction House sells more property lots and is market leader in several counties including Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Northamptonshire and Norfolk.'

Step 3

Sell in an Auction Room or use Auction House Online

Most of our sellers and buyers choose to sell/buy using the Traditional Auction method with sales made in our auction rooms and contracts exchanged on the fall of the gavel. In addition we now operate an Online alternative with ebay style internet bidding and the successful buyer having a 28 day exclusivity period to finalise their mortgage and exchange contracts.

'The ‘modern method of Conditional Auctions’ has already proved popular in the North of England, it opens up the market for better condition mortgageable property to be sold to first time buyers, families and B2L investors.'

Step 4

‘Residential Auction House of the Year’ Award Winners

We have been won awards in consecutive years, voted by industry peers as ‘Residential Auction House of the Year’ with GOLD in 2013 and SILVER in 2014. Auction House have now won TEN INDUSTRY AWARDS in just three years.

'Being named as Best Auctioneer is a huge accolade and a recognition that Auction House has consistently out-performed others, and is seen across the industry as one of its most impressive operators.'

Step 5

Local, well known, trusted and respected in the area

Our auction rooms are run by experienced and successful local companies. These businesses are already well known and respected in the area. Our auction teams live locally, know the area, have a wealth of knowledge and numerous contacts. You can feel reassured and confident your property is in safe hands.

'Not only do they know the area and the local property market, but Auction House also has an extensive register of active buyers. These are drawn from both their auction activities and their estate agency registers. Auction House sells more auction properties to end users, and local people who improve them for their own occupation, or as a rental investment.'

Step 6

Selling locally achieves higher prices

Everyone selling a property wants to achieve the best possible price for it. Evidence shows the prices achieved through professionally run regional auctions is higher than at centralised metropolitan auctions. Auction House are the acknowledged experts in the field and a logical first choice.

'Property sells for more money closer to home, which is why everyone appoints local estate agents. The same applies to selling by auction – choosing a regional auctioneer makes sense and you will be glad that you did.'

Step 7

Consistently more successful than other regional auctioneers

Auction House have outperformed other regional auctioneers for each of the last five years, our success rate last year was ahead of the national auctions average and the results of most regional auctioneers too.

'Anyone thinking of selling by auction needs to look at success rates. The fact Auction House is amongst the most successful across the country makes them the obvious first choice in your area.'

Step 8

Selling Residential, Commercial, Land and Investment Property

We sell a variety of property types through a collective catalogue pitched to a wide range of buyers through a nearby auction room. We also have specialists within the Group who can advise sellers and buyers in all areas.

'Auction House is the only national auctioneer with a network of regional auction rooms and the only company running professional auctions in widespread locations across the country. If you want to sell your property through a local auction room, give them a call.'

Step 9

We know your area and visit your property

Sellers need to be very wary of out-of-area auctioneers who don't attend and inspect properties before giving advice on Guide Prices and Reserves. Auction House have auctioneers and valuers in your area who can meet you at the property, inspect it thoroughly and give you proper guidance.

'I don't see how anyone can know the value of a property without visiting it, seeing its condition and its surroundings. Not only that but how can they sell it effectively without knowing the opportunities that it offers.'

Step 10

Proven success formula of marketing and Open House viewings

Auction House delivers success using a powerful package of local, regional and national marketing and promotion. We use specialist local knowledge, regional promotion and national brand publicity to generate more interest and competitive bidding in our auction rooms. We encourage telephone and proxy bids, and wherever possible website viewing of our auctions.

'We like their marketing approach, we have been impressed by their newsletters and the easy access they provide to legal packs and other information. I think they are very professional and helpful to buyers.'

Non-Conditional and Conditional Auction - Understanding the Difference

Our partners, Auction House UK, provide both Non-Conditional and Conditional auction sales service. It is important that sellers and buyers understand the difference and relevance of these two methods of auction sale:

Non-Conditional Auction – This is the 'Traditional' approach to auction whereby properties are offered alongside auction legal packs allowing prospective buyers to undertake purchasing due diligence ahead of bidding on a fixed auction venue in an open public auction. Successful bidders are legally bound to purchase 'under the hammer' paying 10% of the purchase price as deposit before they leave the auction and being typically required to complete 28 days after the event. Non Conditional auctioneering delivers greater speed and sales certainty over the Conditional method of auction, however the buyer pool is reduced in the approach as buyer profile is restricted to cash or auction finance purchasers who are not dependent on the sale of an existing property.

Conditional Auction – This is commonly known as the 'Modern Method of Auction'. It is a solos auction approach to selling whereby buyers bid for and option to buy the property, the winning bidder has purchase exclusivity to exchange contracts for a period of 28 days after which contract completion is set for 28 days later or sooner by agreement. The buyer pool is potentially greater in conditional auctioneering than the traditional approach as it enables buyers to purchase using conventional mortgage finance and can work for purchasers who have dependent sales or an onward purchase. The buyer is required to pay a reservation deposit upon winning the auction, should the buyers withdraw pre-exchange of contracts the purchaser forfeits their reservation deposit, however should the seller withdraw pre-contract the deposit is refunded in full.

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