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5 ways to add value to your home


Whether you’re looking to sell or not, there are many ways to add value to your home. From conversions to renovations, here are five things to consider doing to boost the value of your property.

Go green by boosting energy efficiency

A modern system is a must have, so updating your central heating system is worth considering. Not only will it be more appealing to prospective buyers, but it will also improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Solar panels are a fantastic investment when trying to increase the value of your home. Despite the somewhat rainy weather in the UK, they produce a significant amount of energy from the sun, turning it into free electricity.

Installing double glazed windows, adding insulation to your loft, and sealing any drafts are other ways of achieving better energy efficiency in your home and ultimately add value to your property.

Consider converting your loft

An extra bedroom can potentially add up to 15% to the value of your home and most lofts can be converted and are considered a permitted development (although always best to check with your local planning authority!).

There are different types of conversion at varying costs – a roof light conversion needs the least amount of structural work and is therefore the most cost effective, whilst a mansard conversion is more expensive.

Despite the cost, conversions are cheaper than extending your home and are a great investment as they add more accommodation, making a huge difference to the space.

Move out to the garage

If you already have parking available outside, it makes sense to consider converting your garage into living space. Most people would prefer to have the benefit for an extra reception room than a garage.

Firstly, you should check that your garage is suitable for conversion before seeing whether you would need planning permission. Garage conversions are often classed as a permitted development - but again, always best to check. You will, however, be subject to building regulations to ensure its structurally sound.

An option definitely worth considering as not only will it add square footage to the accommodation, but it could provide great solutions to modern living – such as a crucial home office space for those working from home.

Knock down a wall!

Creating a large, open plan kitchen diner area to your home by removing an internal wall is considered one of the best ways to add value to your home. What’s better is it’s a relatively simple project that can be completed in under a week!

With many people now favouring open plan living over a more traditional layout, not only will this add value, but it will create a fantastic communal space that is perfect for families wanting to spend more quality time together, or those who love to entertain.

Bi-fold doors

A wonderful way to add plenty of natural light to a space, make it feel bigger and brighter and connect the outside with the inside – adding bi-fold doors to your home is a great option.

Not only this but bi-fold doors add a wow factor to a room, flooding the space with light and creating a lovely sense of space, they are also great for the summer months as you can let the outdoors in by opening the doors.

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