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Space saving hacks for your home


We all want to make the most of the space we’ve got, but are we utilising it in the best way? Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you save space throughout your home and channel your inner Marie Kondo!

Under the bed
Whether it’s your out of season clothes or things you don’t reach for very often, beds offer a great storage opportunity. If you have a bed with built-in drawers’ then you’re all set, but bed frames have plenty of space underneath them too! Just piling stuff under the bed isn’t the best option as this can look messy, instead get some baskets or boxes, and slide under for optimum storage and a more organised bedroom.

Hidden storage
Ottomans are a fantastic way of giving you some stowaway storage to pop things such as blankets and toys in. You can get some nice boxes with lift-up lids for hiding away your bits and bobs, but that blend into your living space and look like a piece of furniture, rather than just simply a storage solution.

Sideboards/console tables
Another option for your downstairs living is a console table – not only are they stylish but they provide valuable storage space with their cupboards and drawers. You can also use the top to display some of your favourite home accessories – a lamp, family photos or a plant.

Wall shelves
Shelving is one of the best ways to create a bit more space in your home. Whether it to be in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, they are great for storing books, kitchen accessories or bits and pieces. If you can get shelves built into an alcove or corner then even better, you’ll be making use of an awkward space that wasn’t being utilised.

Use the back of your doors
A lot of people don’t consider using the back of a door to store things, but they provide valuable space, especially in smaller rooms. There are many clever options out there that allow you to use the space wisely, such as spice racks or hanging storage for cleaning products in the kitchen, or accessories and a mirror in a bedroom.

Extendable table
Many want the option of a dining table for when having guests over but as they take up a lot of space, it can feel like something we have to compromise on. Well, this doesn’t have to the case. You can get smaller or normal sized tables which are extendable, so when you have those extra guests, you can easily adjust it to the size you need.

Storage baskets
Although quite an obvious option, storage baskets are very simple and effective! Perfect for any room, they’re an easy way of collecting bits and bobs and keeping them in one place. Whether it be blankets in your living room, toilet rolls in your bathroom or toys in a bedroom, there are so many ways they can be used and they look nice too.

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