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New bill to tackle failing social landlords


A new bill has been launched by the government today (8th June) in what is being described as ‘a major reset of power between tenants and landlords.’

The new Regulator of Social Housing will have stronger powers over failing social housing landlords, allowing them to issue unlimited fines, enter properties with just 48 hours’ notice in an Ofsted-style inspection and make emergency repairs.

This move by the government is part of their pledge to take serious steps to halve the number of poor-quality rented homes by 2030.

As part of the new satisfaction measures, residents will be able to demand information, rate their landlord and have a direct line to government, giving them a voice and ensuring they live in a safe environment.

As a result, a new 250-person residents panel will be convening every four months to share their experiences with ministers, inform policy thinking and help drive change in the rental sector.

The Bill is the latest step in response to the systemic issues recognised following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Not only did this identify problems with the safety and quality of social housing, but also highlighted how tenants were treated by landlords.

The changes mean that larger social housing providers will face regular inspections, landlords will need to have a named person responsible for health and safety requirements and tenants of housing associations will be able to request information from their landlord.

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