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5 reasons to sell your home in summer


Summer isn’t just a great time of year for basking in the sunshine, having BBQ’s and spending time with friends and family, but also bringing your home to the market.

Here are just five reasons why you should consider selling your home in summer…

Ultimate kerb appeal

Everything looks its best when the sun is shining, which means your property will be in its prime for people passing by, or those all-important first impressions at viewings. Going to see a property on a gloomy grey day just isn’t the same as seeing it with lovely blue sky as a backdrop.

Longer days

The extra hours of daylight in the summer means people have much more flexibility and time to come and view your property. It’s always best to see a property while it’s still light outside, so those extra hours in the evening make all the difference.

Summer holidays

With the summer holidays in full swing, many parents have time off during this six-week period, so it’s likely property portals will see an increase in traffic. This means there’s more chance of people seeing your property.

Capturing your property in the best light

As we said before, everything looks better when the sun is shining! The photos used to market your property are obviously very important and so this time of year is the best for taking advantage of natural lighting and blue skies.

Great exposure

With better weather comes spending more time outside and this means there’s a greater chance of people being out and about, walking past your property and spotting the ‘for sale’ sign outside.

If you’re thinking of selling your property, get in touch with the team today.

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5 reasons to sell your home in summer

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