Auction House Scotland headline sponsors of the 13th Scottish Empty Homes Conference

Auction House Scotland

We’re delighted to yet again be sponsoring Scotland’s annual empty homes conference on Thursday, 29th February 2024 at The Studio in Glasgow!

Auction House Scotland have worked with the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership for over eight years now, helping to bring over 65 empty homes back into use by selling them via auction. Our buyers include property developers, investors, cash buyers and portfolio landlords who may have different ideas of their 'ideal property' than those who buy from estate agents. The issues that make an empty home wrong for some make them perfect for our buyers.


Learning from the Past, Visions for the Future

The theme for the conference this year is “Learning from the Past, Visions for the Future” – looking at what collective work has been carried out to date, the current status and how empty homes work can help tackle the housing emergency and meet affordable and social housing needs.

Our auctioneer and proud Empty Homes supporter John Loudon will be attending the conference, providing a short presentation and presenting the Auction House Scotland Scottish Empty Homes Awards: