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The Winter Sale

Auction House East Anglia

The seasons are starting to change and before we know it we will find ourselves coming out of autumn and heading into winter. This is a crucial time to start thinking about any properties that you own, that are empty and that you’ve been contemplating selling.

Winter months are often the most wearing on properties, especially if the season is filled with bad weather, which unfortunately isn't uncommon here in the UK! It’s very often the case that insurance claims spike during the winter due to harsh weather damage properties experience.
As the temperatures drop, pipes can burst and boilers can break down, leading to all kinds of repairs that could be costly. This can also result in the house not looking its best. Prompting us to ask; is it worth considering selling your property before the winter months hit? Particularly, before the new year.

It's no revelation that empty properties cost money, but this cost can increase further during the winter and not only due to potential damage. The cost of heating and cleaning can be expensive, but are a necessity to stop your buildings from deteriorating during this season.
If you have property that you would like to sell, Autumn might be the perfect time. Especially to ensure you don't lose any money as the winter approaches.
It is also worth noting that the current stamp duty period is coming to an end in April 2021. Consequently meaning that the threshold will be lower. It will be £125,000 as opposed to £500,000. This may provide buyers with an incentive to buy sooner rather than later.

Our next auction is on the 2nd of December and provides the perfect opportunity to sell any property before the new year. Saving you not only the cost of running an empty property but also preventing the unplanned costs of potential damage. Selling through auction is also known to be quicker than traditional routes and have more success.
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