How do I bid at auction?

Bidding at auction isn’t difficult, but doing for the first time can be a little daunting. We have several ways for you to bid, the main one being bidding in person in the room. If you can’t attend the auction, there are the options of being able to bid over the telephone, having the auctioneer bid on your behalf (proxy bidding), and in some auction rooms, it may be possible to bid live online too. If you want to place a non-attending bid, please notify us in advance of the auction day to ensure that your bid can be accommodated.

To bid in person, you just need to listen for the lot that you wish to bid on and raise your hand clearly to attract the auctioneer’s attention and get your bid accepted. Once they have seen you and taken your first bid, they will know to keep looking to see if you wish to bid again. If you feel you may be too nervous to bid yourself, you can bring someone along to bid on your behalf, or a member of the auction team will be happy to assist if needed.

For more information, please see our Bidding at Auction page.