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Auction: Not just for builders and developers

Auction House East Anglia

The property auction market has been one of a few examples of businesses who have grown rather than declined during the coronavirus outbreak over the past 6 months.
With the new format of the online auction, statistics have seen a steady rise. Numbers such as a 37% rise in average sale prices and a 139% increase in viewers and record-breaking sales figures which have transformed the way we, and many other auction houses, are looking to operate moving forward.

Whilst the process itself may have changed, the opportunity for aspiring homeowners to get themselves a potential bargain has always been prevalent. Far too often, people associate only builders and property developers with property auctions, however this is not always the case.

Yes, whilst some lots on offer at previous and future AHEA (Auction House East Anglia) auctions are un-mortgageable options, we consistently offer properties across Norfolk which can be a serious potential to those looking for homes ready to move into or add to the portfolio.
Some of our properties at auction may only need a fresh coat of paint and minor cosmetic work required. Therefore giving you the freedom to move in a property or the option to rent out to a tenant straight away.

Auctions offer a unique opportunity to purchase property, allowing you to access a range of benefits you likely may not receive when purchasing through the traditional estate agent routes. The benefits are countless: the chance for a good deal is always on the cards, as shown in TV shows such as ‘Homes under the Hammer’.
Not only this but the speed of the transaction allows you to avoid the months of stress involved when purchasing through an estate agent; with a fixed time scale upon sale, you will receive your property within 28 days. How many horror stories have you heard about last minute collapses when it comes to purchasing through the traditional methods, buying at auctions will bypass all of the long processes and allows for a seamless and easy purchase.

Our upcoming range of lots are some of the best yet and include residential, commercial, mixed use and land. These are available in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, King's Lynn, Wisbech, Godmanchester, Lowestoft, Wymondham and many others East Anglian places, across a range of prices to suit your budget!

If you are interested in opening up to the opportunities made available through purchasing a property at auction, head to our homepage to see our vast selection available on the 9th of September.

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